Did you know that Hanover county has one of the most successful volunteer and paid staffed Fire-EMS programs in the country? Volunteers and career staff work in unison undergoing the same advanced training and sharing one mission: to provide elite service with compassion for a safer community. In fact, volunteers save our local government millions of dollars annually and thus are vital to the success of Hanover-Fire EMS.

We are so passionate about working alongside Hanover Fire-EMS because we know how critical their roles are in our community. Each one of these members is vital to the health of our community. Doing our small part in bolstering their recruiting efforts helps us to continue our work of serving the community that we live in, the people we work with, and growing our client’s businesses.

We began work with Hanover Fire-EMS when they received a grant to assist with their volunteer recruiter efforts. To kick off this project we conducted an extensive research through interviews with leadership staff and volunteers themselves to get at the heart of who these people are. This initial phase included an online survey to understand the values and priorities of current volunteer base. We were shocked when the research shared with us just how little the community knew about how Hanover Fire-EMS operated. There was a great lack of awareness around the need for volunteers. We also learned that there were three main reasons those who did volunteer participated: the influence of family and friends, civic duty and the desire to help one’s community and to acquire new skills for career development. The result of all of this research brought us to create the campaign: Join. Train. Prevail. to speak directly to those who could answer this calling.

When it came time to start preparing content for their campaign, we assembled our team. We brought along a team of talented scouts, videographers, and real deal VOLUNTEER firefighters from Hanover Fire-EMS to create a video that would inspire others to get involved. We didn’t want to fill their content with actors when we had the perfect people to play the role – the volunteers themselves.

A behind the scenes photo from the Hanover Fire EMS Photo Shoot

Filming certainly called for some early mornings to catch the perfect sunrise shot. It also entailed many storyboards to make sure the story of who they are was being told in the best way, talent searches, location scouting, editing and rough cutting, music selection, voice-overs, and getting a media plan together. Oh, and of course more than a few cups of coffee and slices of pizza.

Every early morning and every late night was worth it. This very special group of local heroes needs the community’s continued support in order to continue being the heroes they’ve always been. Join. Train. Prevail. – it’s about joining a group of talented people with a passion to help the community, training to become an integral part of the Hanover Fire-EMS team, and prevailing over whatever life throws their way.

We’re exceptionally proud to be working with Hanover Fire-EMS to bolster their volunteer recruiting efforts by reminding people to Join. Train. Prevail. Check out their brand new video below!

Caitlin Roscioli McNichol

Caitlin Roscioli McNichol

Account Manager

When Caitlin’s not busy working with Dotted Line’s clients, she can usually be found planning a skydiving adventure (which she has done not once, but twice), preparing for her next marathon or hiking the Shenandoah Mountains with her family.

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