Case Study

Community Fire Company


Community Fire Company (CFC) is a 100% volunteer firefighting team that prides itself in using the latest equipment and training techniques to provide fire protection and safety to Exmore, Virginia and the surrounding areas of Northampton and Lower Accomack Counties. But over the course of several years, the station started to see senior officers retire and new recruit numbers dwindle. Due to the unique nature of the locality, CFC applied for and was awarded a grant to help support their marketing efforts in recruiting new team members.

Dotted Line was tasked with finding impactful and effective ways of connecting with Exmore residents – and those in the surrounding areas – to make them aware of CFC and inspire them answer the call to volunteer as firefighters.


To start, we interviewed CFC members to get a better understanding of why they volunteer, what motivated them to step up, and the impact it’s had within the community. After gathering strategic insights that were specific to Exmore, we then set out to create a campaign that would speak to the heart of their community.

The campaign needed to educate our audience on the fact that people in the Town of Exmore depend on the commitment and bravery of volunteers in the event of an emergency. After crafting a dedicated landing page to elicit applications from potential volunteers, we led a comprehensive omnichannel media campaign that featured out of home billboards, radio, web, social, video, direct mail, paid advertising, print, and collateral.


  • Grew the Community Fire Company volunteer force by 50%
  • Earned an average daily reach of 2,772, 180% of the town of Exmore’s total population
  • Achieved a 36% conversion rate from applications to members
  • Crafted multiple social posts that earned thousands of engagements