When I first started Dotted Line, I dreamed of a company that could help grow business and make a positive impact on the community with its work and relationships.

Since our start, this dream hasn’t changed. However, the way we achieve this is evolving. We are shifting our message and approach to help us achieve our purpose and better serve our clients.

Our company exists to creatively solve problems for our clients. To us, our work is about more than signing on a dotted line. It’s about developing relationships with lasting impact and a commitment that extends beyond profit margins to our clients, our neighbors, and our collective future.

To do this well, we work to get to know our clients and their businesses before we do anything else. We strive to listen – really listen to them about their history, their goals, their customers. We find out what makes them special – and what gets them stuck. And then we dig deep, roll up our sleeves, and work alongside them to help them achieve the results they’re looking for – and more, if we can.

This problem-solving mentality requires continuing to build our muscles in the skill that’s been the basis of our success to date: Collaboration.

It starts with humbleness on both our parts. Our clients know their business, but they know they don’t have all the answers. We get to know their business, and then we build teams that know how to help. And we come up with the best answers when we work together.

Collaboration requires trust and communication. It’s not about us working behind closed doors and then making a big reveal. It’s about asking for feedback along the way. It’s about open, frequent communication. It’s about spotting opportunities and connecting the benefits back to the strategy so that everyone can see what’s possible if we win together.

Beyond meeting a business goal or delivering the right metrics, collaboration, for us, is about building community. When our clients feel heard and know they had a hand in a successful outcome, we form ongoing relationships. The impact to their business is greater – and lasts longer.

Collaboration is impact. That’s creativity that connects the dots.

Let’s imagine new possibilities. Together.

Lauren & Team

Lauren Sweeney

Lauren Sweeney

Founder & CEO

When Lauren’s not providing strategic direction for the firm or delivering results for our clients, Lauren is outdoors enjoying all that Richmond has to offer or traveling to a new and exciting destination.

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