Dotted Line Collaborations announces a new program in partnership with VCU’s Brandcenter called Launchpad. Launchpad hires two select graduate level students who are craving work experience while also finishing their studies and provides them with valuable client experience in the short-term. 2019 Launchpad team members are Katrine Limseth (UX, 2019) and Cait Russell (Strategy, 2019). Dotted Line Collaborations believes in partnership with our clients, fostering relationships with local talent and providing real-world experience to students for teamwork and dedication for the future.

Photo of Cait RussellPhoto of Katrine Limseth

Why Launchpad?

(n.) something that serves to launch or initiate

Because we believe in being an agency that provides opportunities for students to gain hands-on client experience, dream up new ideas, collaborate and be a part of a team, while producing work that will have a direct impact. We strive to be a place that launches creative ideas, careers and collaboration.

What is the goal?

Each year, to hire future creatives, account managers, and strategists to work with our team and clients because we want you to be part of our team for the long-term.

Interested in learning more about this program?

Contact Christie Hach,, to learn more.

Christie Hach

Christie Hach

Account Director

When Christie isn’t helping our clients find their purpose and build their business, you can find her listening to live music or playing with her dog, Riley.

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