Project Description

Celebrate! RVA

Happy Birthday Handwashing Campaign


Celebrate! RVA is a Richmond-based nonprofit that hosts birthday parties for underprivileged youth who might not otherwise have a chance to celebrate these special rites of passage.

Due to the pervasive disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Celebrate! could no longer hold in-person events and donor funding began to slow amid the impending recession.


Recognizing the difficult road ahead, Dotted Line offered to help support Celebrate’s cause, pro bono. To start, we held a strategy session with Celebrate! Founder, Julia Warren, where we learned about her overriding desire to give back to the community and keep the mood light for kids during this scary time.  She shared an idea for a fun campaign that would educate kids on the importance of hand washing while providing corporations, families and individuals with an opportunity to support less fortunate members of our community. Dotted Line lent a (clean) hand by building out the creative, messaging and a landing page to drive donations.

Marketing Consultation

Social Media Strategy

Creative Design and Messaging

Landing Page Development

Video / Animation Production

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