Project Description

Ginger Juice

Beautifully nourished.


Ginger Juice is a Richmond juice bar, restaurant and juice retailer that was founded by a Mom who started making juices for her son and wanted to help more people feel better. The company was looking to open a second location, but to expand successfully, it needed better definition of its brand identity and a better way to get the word out.


Ginger Juice needed a strategy to promote its products and drive traffic to its new store. But before we could create content, we had to take a step back and assess the overall brand message.We started with a competitive analysis and soon realized that no one in Richmond had cracked the code on the lifestyle juice bar. Once we knew that, our strategy was clear: Develop a Ginger Juice lifestyle as crave-able as its juices.

We created a brand personality around the idea of being “beautifully nourished” — taking care of yourself so that you can look and feel your best. By collaborating closely with Ginger Juice founder Erin Powell, we were able to translate her vision for the brand into an actionable strategy.

Competitive Analysis

New Brand Personality

Visual Brand Standards

Tonality Guidelines

Brand Manifesto

Social Media Strategy

Images of a green smoothie and avocado toast

Ginger Juice Healthy Food
Ginger Juice Tomato Soup
Ginger Juice Toast
“The Dotted Line team nailed our recent content marketing strategy. I was at a place with my company where I was struggling slightly to find our identity. Dotted Line Collaborations did an amazing job identifying our target demographic and instructing us on how to best communicate to her. Everyone we have met at Dotted Line is professional, sophisticated, and incredibly knowledgeable about the ever-changing marketing industry. I was blown away by how quickly they identified our market and came up with a strategy — I can’t wait to implement it!”
Erin Powell, Founder, Ginger Juice