Project Description

Southern States Cooperative

Farmer owned since 1923.


Southern States Cooperative is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of propane, and in recent years, the company has focused on promoting its supply. They came to Dotted Line for help defining the value proposition for Southern States propane and improving the structure of their marketing reporting.

The data Southern States had at its disposal spanned multiple efforts and marketing partners. They wanted help analyzing and using it to develop a marketing reporting structure that told the story of energy performance and how it tied to business goals and objectives. The marketing team also wanted to define the unique value proposition of buying propane from Southern States for current and prospective customers.


Dotted Line conducted a qualitative research effort to collect intel and perspective from existing customers, branch managers and sales staff to understand the unique selling points of the Southern States brand. From there, we developed a unique value proposition statement for the organization to further test through a series of quantitative surveys.

In parallel, Dotted Line’s analyst took a deep dive into Southern State’s data and tracking systems and worked with their in-house team to understand the quality of data and ways to improve reporting through the company’s processes.

As a result of our efforts, Southern States Cooperative’s Energy division exceeded their marketing goals.

Multi-faceted Research and Data Analysis

Strategic Marketing Planning

New Systems for Data Tracking and Analysis

Brand Strategy

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