Project Description

Spinnaker Consulting Group

SpinnakerFest – Dare to do More


Spinnaker Consulting Group exists to make a positive difference in the lives of the people and organizations it serves. So, when it was time to celebrate its double-digit growth over the prior year, the organization’s leadership team wanted to host an all-hands, end-of-year event that reinforced the organization’s mission, recognizing the individuals helping to drive their growth and build positive momentum for continued success.


Having supported several remote all-hands meetings in the past, Dotted Line knew that we needed to pull out all the stops to create an engaging and memorable experience for the team. By first identifying what success would look like for an all-day team event we set out to create a day that wasn’t just slides and leadership talking. SpinnakerFest was an event that was meant to be engaging, impactful, collaborative where the full team was involved through panel discussions and a team-based hackathon, all while driving to make meaningful connections and enthusiasm going into 2020.

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