Case Study

Spinnaker Consulting Group


Spinnaker Consulting Group is a category-bending, high-growth management consultancy that leverages its team’s banking leadership and expertise to drive smart solutions for financial services organizations. Having established a foothold in the Fortune 100 space, the organization was looking to diversify its client mix through a strategic thought leadership program to help the brand drive awareness and leads with senior banking leaders.


When the 2020 pandemic sent bankers home to work, the need for a sustainable enterprise risk management framework – something that went beyond emergency contingency planning – became readily apparent. There was a clear need to create an ecosystem that conveyed thought leadership content, nurtured prospects through the early stages of the sales journey and delivered qualified leads to the Spinnaker business development team.


To help risk management banking professionals navigate their new remote work environment, Dotted Line collaborated with Spinnaker leadership to develop a series of technical thought leadership pieces to help leaders:

  • understand the elements of a holistic enterprise risk management solution
  • assess their bank’s current state
  • apply a risk management framework to address their bank’s unique challenges
  • leverage automation to monitor whether execution mapped back to intent

The content was delivered via a webinar, a concise whitepaper, a tactical playbook, an online assessment, and a short-form desk resource to align with previously observed target audience consumption habits and meet the needs of a variety of learning styles. Dotted Line created context and interest for each piece through teaser blogs and organic social media content. We also leveraged a multichannel strategy to promote various offers via industry media (paid and through PR), relevant associations, conferences, search engine marketing and paid LinkedIn content.

In order to capture leads through the campaign, the Dotted Line team leveraged HubSpot to develop landing pages to gate campaign content and forms to capture insights on downloaders. We used automated email workflows to nurture downloaders and encourage engagement across all of the campaign assets and then score contacts based on their audience alignment with Spinnaker’s target prospect and their level of engagement.


  • 166 total downloads + 136 new contacts
  • 7 qualified leads (who filled out 3 forms and/or downloaded at least 2 pieces of campaign content) added to the pipeline
  • Data for future campaigns: a better understanding of the types of content that resonate best with senior-level bankers and the advertising channels that drove them to that content

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