Case Study

Tech Knowledge Associates


Tech Knowledge Associates (TKA), a medical technology management company in La Palma, California, was struggling with brand identity, an undefined messaging strategy, and an outdated web presence, which led to an inability to stand out from the competition and made it difficult for the sales team to secure new leads.

TKA leadership tasked Dotted Line with creating clarity for their brand and providing a clear and actionable marketing strategy. They also asked that we help build an inbound marketing program to generate new leads to create growth opportunities for the organization.


We launched a two-phase program that began with a series of focus groups and interviews to gather intel and data about both the company and the industry. Through our research, we found that TKA actually is regarded for having a higher level of expertise than many of its competitors.

We leveraged this knowledge to reposition the company’s identity and designed new marketing materials around the message “Partner smart.” We also provided TKA with a new web presence and content that clearly delivered on its value proposition.

Our multi-channel inbound marketing program consists of blog posts, video posts, case studies, one-pagers and sales and marketing collateral, LinkedIn posts, email, search, paid media, and public relations targeting hospital system COO’s.


  • In the campaign’s first year, Dotted Line reached 175,000 people and generated over 300 downloads (10.24% conversion, the average campaign conversion rate of ~2%). 
  • The campaign generated 141 new contacts, 60 new marketing qualified leads, and 20 new sales leads with opportunities ranging from $600,000 to $15,000,000.
  • The content marketing efforts have also increased in TKA’s LinkedIn followers from 60 to 400 and increased website traffic by 160% year-over-year.

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