Case Study

Worksite Labs


When the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, Worksite Labs (WSL) was formed to meet the moment. Recognizing that existing testing lab infrastructure would not be able to keep pace with testing demand, CEO Gary Frazier ran with the opportunity to do things differently by building mobile testing labs. With an agile laboratory infrastructure and lofty goals in place, WSL turned its attention to spreading awareness of its unique business model. 


Dotted Line was hired as WSL’s agency of record in the middle of 2020 and now operates as a full-service marketing arm for the burgeoning company. Among many other responsibilities in growing the Worksite Labs brand, Dotted Line is tasked with driving consumers to the company’s scheduling web page and motivating visitors to book appointments at one of more than 20 drive-thru testing sites nationwide. 


Understanding that the majority of individuals who take COVID-19 tests do so because they’re required to, we opted to focus on travel testing – specifically, international travel testing – for spreading the word about Worksite Labs’ fast, convenient, affordable testing services. Due to an existing WSL relationship with Hawaiian Airlines, we knew there was an appetite for an alternative model in the travel testing space.  

Employing paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and a third-party in-app vendor, MobileFuse, we developed creative campaigns to reach a wide variety of travelers who might require testing and placed conditional targeting in precise geolocations around each of WSL’s testing sites.

Our initial messaging strategy promoted the affordability of WSL’s travel tests to provide proof of concept. When we were met with encouragingly positive results, Dotted Line introduced additional messages to test their efficacy, including time savings, Canada-specific travel requirements, convenience, and cruise travel. In addition to these general storylines, we also ran timely messaging about Thanksgiving and holiday travel, and messaging that addressed the federal government mandate for testing of unvaccinated workers.


  • $1.26 cost per landing page view on Facebook, 37% better than industry average
  • $0.66 cost per click, 55% below healthcare benchmark 
  • 2.9% click-thru rate, 249% above healthcare benchmark 
  • Secured an additional 41% of site visits through view conversions 
  • Grew web traffic from 9,000 visits/month to 180,000 visits/month in less than one year 
  • Helped secure 50,000+ monthly tests

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