Dotted Line is a creative agency that helps ambitious brands become great. With a strategy-before-everything approach, we draw the line that connects marketing from beliefs to behaviors. Because we know that following the dotted line is the only way for brands that want to do more business to grow effectively and efficiently, with lasting impact.

Last week, I took off on another training hike in preparation for the 29029 Everesting challenge, now coming up in less than a month.…

Every year, I set a big personal goal. A goal so large that it seems impossible to reach. But then, when I succeed, the…

Lauren Sweeney, founder and CEO of Dotted Line, was named one of the 2022 Women in Leadership by Virginia Business. This year’s list honors…

When teams put their core principles into action, they find themselves on a clear path to achieve desired results. Whether we refer to them…

After two-plus years of the pandemic, our world's relationship to work looks completely different from the way it used to. We have a better…


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