Dotted Line is a creative agency that helps ambitious brands become great. With a strategy-before-everything approach, we draw the line that connects marketing from beliefs to behaviors. Because we know that following the dotted line is the only way for brands that want to do more business to grow effectively and efficiently, with lasting impact.

Dotted Line’s leadership team has grown to include Managing Director of Client Services Marci Schnur and Creative Director Jason Anderson, while Emily Shane has been promoted to…

Last year, Dotted Line began taking steps to expand beyond its business-to-business (B2B) marketing foothold and deepen its business-to-consumer (B2C) portfolio. And when Associate…

In a piece featured in Richmond BizSense, Creative leaders Mitchell Jordan and Jason Anderson describe what it was like to start at Dotted Line as a creative team of two and…

A weekly connection for quick bits of motivation, new perspectives or an uplifting story that align with Dotted Line as an agency. Before the…

Lauren Sweeney was recently featured on The Leap podcast with host, Tim May, where she detailed the origin story of Dotted Line and the powerful…


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