We are connection makers. Pathway seers. We are a North Star in a landscape of misdirection.

Brand thinking ›› Branding is the perpetual expression of who you are, what you believe, and what you value. Every brand deserves a team of smart, inquisitive borderline fanatics to fuss all the angles of who, why, where, and how. Our focus is always on building unexpected, imaginative brands that are also honest, engaging, and addicted to staying relevant. Creative vision ›› Using strategically-informed creativity to solve brand problems is our core product. We value being both smart and clever, attacking every brief with innovation, imagination, and, more often than not, the unexpected. Content craft ›› Great strategy demands great execution. We exercise our craft through exceptional storytelling, design, and process-driven implementation. Great executions cannot watch themselves, so our media team deftly connects content to the right paid, owned, or earned channels to continuously drive viewership, engagement, and of course, results.


Lauren Sweeney

Founder / CEO
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Jonathan Goldberg

Executive Creative Director
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Michelle Logan

Director of Finance

Matt Suttmiller

Associate Account Director

Kyra Newman

Associate Communications Director

Johnny Utterback

Art Director

Casey LaPrade

Senior Account Manager

Noah Autry

Senior Account Manager

Jessie Milligan

Creative Services Manager

John DiJulio

Production Designer

Neelie Carroll

Chief of Staff

John Battiston

Content Writer

Claire O’Keefe

Account Manager

Nicole Monzon

Senior Designer

Claire McQuithy

Agency Partner/Media Manager

Brandon Segres

Account Manager

Kevin Harrison

Web Developer

Deborah Long

Agency Partner/PR Manager

Paige Wolk

HR Director

Brooke Pray


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