How the right teams help you reach your marketing growth goals faster

By Lauren Sweeney

Emerging companies often focus on developing a silver-bullet marketing approach or a proprietary process or product to help sell – important elements in the scaling journey of a business. But many of those companies fail to invest energy or resources into where ideation starts.

An effective marketing formula draws in both art and science. Creating engaging ideas that grab attention or educate customers about your offer begins with expertise before you even start thinking about those concepts. Many different disciplines come together to create this magic formula.

When you partner with an agency, you’re not partnering with a business: You’re partnering with talent who possesses refined, specific skills. This talent, when built for the right team and challenge at hand, is poised to deliver great creativity, which, in turn, generates results. And the best agencies hire top talent, which is a core ingredient of their success.

Dotted Line takes this one step further because we’re in invested in your growth to drive our growth. Our model starts by having the right A-level talent engaged in a business problem up front to develop work that makes a measurable impact on your business.

But talent is only part of the equation. We also bring together the right “fit” of team members, who demonstrate positive energy and shared values. Then we give them the freedom to do what they’re great at: shine for our clients.

How effective are your marketing teams?

We believe you should start with your people and how they work together, peeling back the layers to understand what energy is going into your marketing efforts.  After all, consumers ultimately buy into stories and momentum above all else. Forming and nurturing high-performing teams with design, branding, and content experts – who care as much about the business impact as the creative output – is the first step.

But you need to keep digging, by asking yourself questions to analyze your marketing team’s performance:

  • Does your team understand the global picture of what you are working to accomplish? In simplest terms, do they get it?
  • Does your team buy into and work under the same shared values?
  • Do you see healthy working dynamics, such as collaboration and communication?
  • Is the development of your marketing pieces flowing seamlessly across the team? Or do things always seem to be coming off the rails at the handoffs?
  • Do your weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports show forward progress?

Partnering to hit shared goals

Our niche at Dotted Line is working with emerging companies, many of whom likely have growing in-house marketing teams. We come in as a partner to augment those internal capabilities, as we work together to reach your business goals more quickly.

To us, having high-performing teams both within our client and agency is the secret sauce that positions your brand to lead your business in growth.