Michelle Logan

Director of Finance and Strategic Growth

Years ago, Michelle Logan crossed paths with our founder, Lauren Sweeney, while they were both in the beginning stages of starting new businesses. Her path back to Dotted Line has been somewhat unconventional.

Guided by passion and principles, Michelle believes that everything in work, life and in service should bring positivity to her life. After growing up in Richmond, Michelle earned her marketing degree, with concentrations in business marketing and entrepreneurship, from James Madison University. She launched her career in equity research at an investment bank in Baltimore. This experience allowed her to see opportunities within other companies to do things more effectively, thus sparking her interest in entrepreneurial prospects.

With a goal of integrating her business background with a personal interest in preventative health maintenance, and entrepreneurial possibilities, Michelle earned a Master of Public Health from the University of Virginia and an MBA from American University. For nearly 20 years, Michelle has successfully founded and grown several businesses across various industries, while also consulting and coaching other CEOs to maximize their potential.

In business and in life, Michelle looks beyond the expected hurdles to focus on the solutions. She has navigated her business interests while building a life with her husband and three children. Surrounded by friends and with lots of help from extended family, she always finds time to run, travel and prioritize her work with Massey Cancer Center.