Going West


Life Like Never Before

Westerly’s developers wanted people to dream of something that didn’t yet exist. To encourage would-be homeowners to imagine living on what was, at the time, a wide-open Colorado plain they turned to Dotted Line to help sell the story of choosing a home in this master-planned community. By creating a virtual community that brought Westerly to life even before the first house was built, we shaped a dream with the promise of “life like never before.”


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Our research and strategy leveraged the development’s plan – which promotes blending outdoor experiences with the day-to-day ­– to establish branding guidelines that leaned into the area’s own native story and palette. We overcame hurdles like pandemic delays and the struggle to promote something that wasn’t yet real. Developed in collaboration with our client, our strategic solutions included leaning into the uniqueness of small-town Erie, tying the community’s 4.5 miles of paths into local trails and maximizing the use of high-quality renderings to deliver on that future promise.

Through compelling visual storytelling across the website and other materials, Dotted Line helped families picture themselves in modern, thoughtfully designed homes that connect them to an integrated community built for meaningful relationships. We wove evocative imagery and storytelling across all channels and marketing tools, helping prospective homeowners envision themselves sitting around a firepit with friends or taking off their kids’ training wheels for the first time. This helped families begin to turn that dream into a reality as they decided to make Westerly their home.