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Worksite Labs

Rebranding a healthcare startup for the long haul 

Branding and design are often an afterthought for healthcare startups, and this was especially the case for Worksite Labs. 

The California-based company formed virtually overnight in 2020 to quickly address gaps in diagnostic testing around the country. There wasn’t much time to consider the company’s signature typeface, color palette, or other brand elements. 

But Worksite Labs isn’t just about COVID testing – and its leadership team will tell you that it never was. The company entered the game wanting to make all of healthcare smarter, streamlined, and more efficient. 

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Now that the pandemic is (hopefully) inching toward an end, Worksite Labs wants to bring healthcare into the future, starting with the diagnostic testing industry. The company is using its decentralized lab testing model as a catalyst to transform U.S. healthcare into a more sustainable, consumer-centric system. 

Worksite Labs is in for the long haul, so it was time to give the company a brand that would help it leave an imprint on consumers and potential business partners for years. This meant a top-to-bottom creative and strategic facelift. 

In just 90 days, DLA radically transformed Worksite Labs into a memorably colorful, warm, playful, and aspirational brand that helps both B2B and B2C audiences envision their place in a better healthcare future. We replaced their über-sciency, über-saturated former look with a smoother, more streamlined design scheme, one that mirrors the efficient nature of their tech-enabled testing while remaining utterly relatable through lifestyle imagery and minimal use of overlays. 

The new brand has helped position Worksite Labs as a reliable and savvy thought leader in matters of holistic, patient-first care. Potential partners will want to dig into the totally reskinned website, blog and B2B social channels to learn how they and their patients can benefit from joining the decentralized healthcare movement that Worksite Labs is pioneering. 

Meanwhile, the company’s new B2C social media feed offers a collection of travel, lifestyle, and personal health content designed to resonate with consumers who want to take their personal care more seriously and to show them where quality healthcare can take them – literally and metaphorically. 

As a rapidly growing company with a grand vision and a long-game mentality, Worksite Labs needed an equally ambitious brand. We're enormously proud of the one we delivered.